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Airsoft XTREME


This airsoft club is exclusive. Get in the action while you can and compete with the best of the best. Entering the club is free and if you dont have a gun, dont worry, we can provide one until you buy one. To contact us you can instant message Shane (manager) at frikinidiot539 or contact the others (Cody, Tyler, Ryan) at school. Field rentals are available for a small price of $5 during the game if you don't have your own gun. 


I now make custom airsoft visuals. To make your gun look pimp, send in to the manager and for a small price. We do LED's, paintjobs, custom grips, scopes, structeral strengthening. just e-mail or aim PWNTHENOOB or frikinidiot539.


remember that all advice is purely opinion and should not be taken with great concern though is expertly given.